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FAQ: How to enable Virtual Background for the Zoom meeting? | OCIO.

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May 22,  · Many people who use Zoom are disappointed by the fact that they can’t use a virtual background since their system is not supported by Zoom. I found a way to bypass this problem, this guide is a bit technical but hopefully by the end of it – you’ll be able to use zoom background images on your computer. Jun 01,  · bit PNG or JPG/JPEG image format. If you’re not sure about your camera aspect ratio, use a background image with a minimum resolution of by pixels. Browse some of the virtual backgrounds Zoom has collected, or use these sources for other royalty-free images: Pexels, Unsplash, Pixabay. Aug 18,  · Solved: My PC system match virtual background without physical green screen my computer processor is Intel i3 gen with ghz Please help me.

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You may re-send via your profile. Lately I have been starting to use Zoom for video conferencing like many of us. I wanted to use the virtual background feature that Zoom offers while displaying myself in Zoom. Generally Zoom will allow you to add a virtual background to your own requirementx image without the need for a green screen. For some reason the Zoom website claims that for those that backgriund minimum system requirements for zoom virtual background intel HD display adapter this option is not available due to compatibility issues.

It seems like a driver issue. Zoom becomes more and more widely used these Corona days. Besides the drawback I experience as a HD user, I believe making Zoom’s feature set fully available to читать далее a widely used virtul adapter is of much importance. This update is available now with the release of Zoom version 5. View solution in original post. Also, please provide us with a link to the Zoom site with information about compatibility issues.

First, sorry for the slow response. It’s Jewish Holidays combined with a genaral Corona curfew that made me unable to respond more quickly. I minimum system requirements for zoom virtual background attaching the HW report like you asked. Uncheck the ‘I have a green screen’ option on the bottom left. You will get a massage telling you that ‘Computer does not meet shstem requirements’. Looking at the hardware requirements in the Zoom page I linked to, you will be able to больше на странице that my machine meets Zoom hardware requirements.

My system is not allowing for a zoom virtual background. I have updated both Minimum system requirements for zoom virtual background drivers as per your instructions and the zoom software.

Any other ideas? I have the same driver. First, we would like to know if this issue backgriund when using the latest BIOS and drivers available for your computer. It seems that there is a new BIOS. Are you able to ask HP support if this update may help you resolve this issue? Also, computer vendors usually customize their drivers to ensure system functionality. Do you know if this issue occurs while running the latest customized driver for your computer?

Additionally, you may follow these steps to install the перейти Original Equipment Manufacturer graphics driver for your system:. I actually manually updated to the latest version of the HD adapter driver which is It did not solve the problem. Rolling back the driver version using the ‘roll back driver’ option.

Now, trying to install the version you recommended from the HP website, the Hp website recognized my machine and lead me trough узнать больше configuration utility by minimum system requirements for zoom virtual background to do the download and the installation. I started viryual process. At a certain point I got the massage that my computer does not meet requirements подробнее на этой странице this driver i.

This is of course спасибо zoom h6 low cut settings извиняюсь because both my HD display adapter and my machine are in the list of machines and adapters included vurtual the release notes for this driver on the HP website:. I therefore concluded this is a problem with the HP website installation utility, and not a matter of incompatible hardware. So I now tried to install the version number recommended by youusing the windows device manager with the ‘update driver’ option.

The driver was again updated systsm the newer version My machine works fine with this newer driver version so far, but the Zoom problem presists. I’m considering rolling back the driver version again and trying to manually install the version number you recommended. Since an even vurtual version than the one you recommended still does not do the trick, I think consulting you before doing this may prove gackground.

Please try to install the graphics driver version It seems that it turned out to be more complicated than you might expect. I tried installing the driver version recommended by you My machine is under warranty so I turned to HP.

After about 90 minutes [hone support, An update of windows and zoom to the latest version, and repeated attempts by the HP support привожу ссылку, she told me that she found out this driver version is problematic and helped me revert to the originally installed version I dont know where to go on from this point, this might be an incompetency by the HP technician or an actual problem with this driver version.

This way or the other since there’s a mention of compatibility problem with the HD on the zoom website linked earlier in this thread I think. Let me know if you need any thing else, and what. I’ll be happy to know what is going on with this. Being able to use a virtual background for video conferencing with requiremenfs is crucial to me. I am using Zoom. I cannot use the Zoom virtual backgrounds because, as Zoom has stated on their support website, my computer has the Intel R HD Graphics Нажмите чтобы перейти Zoom website states:.

Note: Due to issues with compatibility with Intel CPUs using the HD graphics processor, devices using those processors, must use a physical green screen. Here is the link to the Zoom page with this information. May I suggest you download the Minimum system requirements for zoom virtual background app to a laptop with a intel R HD Graphicdownload the Zoom app, and then try and use the virtual background you will see what happens.

You may even have someone at intel that already uses Zoom that has the same problem. The background does not display correctly. I think it has something to do with not having a virtual green screen. This is not my area of expertise. I was hoping Intel could find a way to make it work. I too need to use the virtual background for our meetings. Is there a way Intel can make this work?

I can see that as I thought, this is a problem of a more general nature. These are extremely busy days for me, but I will provide minimum system requirements for zoom virtual background with the the information you asked for in a day or two.

To better assist you, please provide us with the following information about your system configuration:. Could you please attach the reports to the thread? These reports allow us to gather useful information about your system configuration and graphics solution.

It seems that the minimun was not uploaded successfully. You might need to attach it directly minimum system requirements for zoom virtual background the thread. Box opens and reads: Computer doesn’t meet requirements. Your computer doesn’t meet the minimum requirements to use this feature without a green screen background.

Learn more link. Virtusl is a screenshot where I tried to apply a virtual background. To get to this box I clicked on the settings wheel under my picture in the right corner of the screen below the little top screen.

I hope this is helpful. Let me know how requiremdnts goes and if there is something I can do to use the Zoom Virtual Background.

Thank you for posting additional information about your system configuration and this compatibility issue. We are going to send it to the proper department for review. It is worth mentioning that we cannot guarantee that your request will be addressed. Also, what we can recommend is that you contact Zoom to know if they have minimum system requirements for zoom virtual background Intel developers to work on these types of issues, which could be software issues.

This has been assigned to the driver’s development team under bug ID and noted as minimum system requirements for zoom virtual background known issue. For more complete information about compiler optimizations, see our Optimization Notice. This community is designed for sharing of public information. Please do not share Intel or third-party confidential information here.

SBP00 Novice. Solved Jump to solution. Hi Lately I have been starting to use Zoom for video conferencing like many of us. Is there a or maybe a future solution available for this? Copy link. All forum как сообщается здесь Previous topic Next topic. Hello SBP00, Thank you for your response. To better assist you, we would like to have more information about your system configuration. Are you able to test this feature on another system?

How can we try to reproduce this behavior?


Zoom Virtual Backgrounds.

Windows 7, 8, or 10 (bit). Supported processors (p background video) Intel i5, i7, i9. 2 cores or higher. 6th generation or higher.


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